Support for the Ministry

Dear Internet readers:

I am writing this as a matter of information for those who have had questions with regard to the financial support of our website and our ministry.

Since we began our website in 2004, it has been our pleasure to offer our website completely free of charge for everybody.  This is a ministry wholly supported by the free-will donations from the members and friends of our congregation.  There are no subscriptions, no hidden files, and no “members only” areas.  Everything is completely open and up-front for everybody to see and use, and that’s the way it is going to remain.  

In the years I have been in the ministry, I have never once preached “money” from the pulpit, and I find it very distasteful when people do this.  I will, however, have sermons that deal with Biblical stewardship principles.  In order to preach the whole counsel of God, I have to do this; but that’s as far as I will go.  I’m not about to start begging for money on the website or from the pulpit, and I sincerely hope that nobody ever expects this to happen.  On the other hand, donations are always deeply appreciated.

With that being said, the following information is being provided for those wishing to make a donation to our ministry.  There is no “plastic” at Mighty Fortress, so the best way is through personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.  Cash is okay too; however it’s never a good idea to send cash through the mail.  Make checks payable to:  Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church.  They can be mailed to:  P. O. Box 155 Seward, NE  68434-0155.

As a matter of information, Mighty Fortress is a not-for-profit corporation, chartered in the State of Nebraska, and is categorized as such by the United States Internal Revenue Code, Section 501:C (3). Any donations made to Mighty Fortress are fully tax deductible, and we will be happy to send you a receipt for your records for the amount of your donation, which will also contain our Federal Identification Number.

We have been, and continue to be amazed at the popularity of our website.  In just the month of October 2012 alone, we logged a record number of hits, which was just over 35,000.  We get people visiting our website from all areas of the world.  We are especially pleased to be able to offer our newest feature on our website, which are the video broadcasts and podcasts of our services.  This enables you to not only read about us, but you can now see us in action!  You can either watch the service on your computer, or download the service and watch it on your I-Pad, Laptop, or other device.  You can make our service fit your schedule, and even start, pause, stop, fast-forward, or repeat as you desire.  We continue to refine, improve, and add to our website as we can.  Of course your comments are always welcome!

Please be assured that this is for information ONLY, and NOT intended to be a plea for money.  Our website is totally free now, and we never envision that changing.  As I mentioned previously, our ministry operates completely on the free-will donations of our members and friends.  If you are moved to contribute to us, then we certainly welcome whatever you have to offer.  But we will never coerce or beg you to do so.

It is our hope that you have found our website spiritually uplifting and edifying.  I pray that the Holy Spirit has touched your life through our ministry.  Please tell your friends about us too!  And keep coming back, as more and more things are being added all of the time.  If you should find yourself in the Seward/Lincoln, Nebraska area, please pay us a personal visit.  We’d love to see you!

Wishing you God’s continued blessings,

Pastor Dan Schroeder