Hymns at Mighty Fortress

At Mighty Fortress, church music is a very important part of our congregation’s worship.  Our worship is enriched by a custom built 3-rank pipe organ (pictured), with an additional 5 ranks and chimes yet to be installed.  The console is a completely refurbished Wicks 2-manual, with a new Syndyne switching system, midi and player functions, and a Yamaha sequencer.  The 4′ Principal (Diapason) rank and the 8′ Gemshorn rank are Moller, and the metal 8′ Bourdon is Wicks.  (And if you are thinking that this instrument is cost-prohibitive, we paid far less for this than we would have for an electronic organ!)

Listed below are links to hymns and liturgical music that have been randomly excerpted from our worship videos.  We hope you enjoy listening to (and watching) these.  “Likes” and comments are always welcome!