Custom Hymns

Sometimes we need a hymn for worship that isn’t in the hymnal, or any hymnal for that matter.  And some hymns that have a good message simply aren’t “singable.” Here are some “custom hymns,” hymns that were written or re-written for various occasions.  You may use any of these hymns as you wish for non-profit and/or worship purposes.

(a hymn based on Luke 10:38-42) 

Metre: 87,87.D 
Suggested tune: “O du liebe meiner liebe” 
SBH 69, LBW 93, TLH 145, LW 90, LSB 423 

1. One thing needful, this one treasure 
Teach me Saviour to esteem; 
Other things may promise pleasure, 
But are never what they seem. 
Earthly burdens vex and chafe us, 
Giving no true happiness; 
This one treasure you provide us, 
Gives us joy, our lives to bless. 

2. Do you seek this one thing needful, 
Leave all cares that hindering prove; 
Turn to Jesus and be heedful, 
Fix your heart on things above. 
Jesus, God and man united, 
Is the worthiest lot and best; 
With God’s fullness be delighted, 
Him our comfort and our rest. 

3. Then with Mary’s full surrender, 
I would offer you my heart; 
At your feet my tribute render, 
As my chosen better part. 
Mary’s love and strong emotion 
For her Saviour and her Lord; 
Sought to serve him with devotion, 
Worship him in one accord. 

4. Therefore Jesus, my endeavor 
Is to be forever true; 
Let no earthly love whatever, 
Hinder me from loving you. 
Should the world forsake and leave you, 
May I ne’er from you depart; 
In devotion love and serve you, 
Saviour, now I yield my heart. 

5. Henceforth you alone, my Saviour, 
Shall be all-in-all to me. 
Search my heart and my behavior, 
Cast out all hypocrisy. 
Keep me from all paths unholy, 
And all sin which does allure; 
Throughout life, keep my heart lowly, 
Focused on your Gospel pure.  Amen.

–Rev. Dr. Daniel K. Schroeder 

Metre:  76,76D.

Suggested tune:  “Aurelia”  TLH 473, SBH 149, LBW 369, LW 289, 644

Alternate tune:  “Munich”  TLH 294, SBH 252, LBW 231, LW 335, LSB 523  

1.   A Christian wife and mother
God’s gift from heav’n above.
To members of her family
A source of constant love.
A help-meet for her husband
In good and evil days;
A blessing to her children
In e’er so many ways.

2.   She always well remembers
Her marriage vows with love;
To live in sacred honor
With help from heav’n above.
With him whom she has taken
As partner in her life;
According to God’s ord’nance
A truly faithful wife.

3.   She looks with love and favor
Upon her children fair;
As precious gifts from heaven
God gave into her care.
With Christian admonition
And nurture in the Lord;
She rears them well and wisely
With Scripture’s full accord.

4.   Thank God for Christian mothers
Remember them today;
And call upon your Saviour
To bless their earthly stay.
They are a nation’s blessing
A stronghold in the home;
We honor and salute them
Now and in life to come. Amen.

– – John Mueller