In Our Community

Seward County Courthouse, 6th and Main Sts.

“…let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

Mighty Fortress is more than just a congregation located in Seward; it is a viable part of the community itself.  Therefore as we have the opportunity, we encourage, support, and participate in various community-based and civic programs.  We enjoy being a good neighbor to those around us, as we strive to show the love of Christ to the world.

Below are listed some of the activities with which we are involved.  If you would like further information about what we are doing, please feel free to contact us.


Heartland Park Retirement Community

Greene Place Retirement Community

It is our pleasure to provide worship services at the Heartland Park and Greene Place retirement communities.  These services occur on Sunday afternoons, and are done in rotation with other congregations in the Seward area.  These services are always well attended, especially since a number of people who reside there are unable to make it to a church service elsewhere.  This is one way we are able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others in the community.


“Lunch for a buck” on the 4th of July

Seward has become known as the “4th of July city,” which attracts over 30.000 people (about 4 times the total population) to the city for a day filled with fun for the whole family.  The city sponsors activities for all ages, including food, games, events, booths, a parade, and of course fireworks.

Mighty Fortress is located right in the heart of all the activities.  It has become a tradition to offer our “Lunch for a buck” to the public on that day.  We provide a hot dog (with all the condiments) and a drink (lemonade or iced tea) for the suggested donation of one dollar.  We serve people numbering in the hundreds, and it’s the best food value around!

The proceeds from this activity go to support the food pantry program at Blue Valley Community Action, giving them the means to purchase some of the items they need.



Mighty Fortress is a proud member of, and actively supports Lutherans for Life and the Seward County Right To Life organizations.  In accordance with what the Bible teaches, we believe that all life is a precious gift of God worthy of our protection and support, including unborn children.  Each year on Mothers’ Day, an advertisement appears in the Independent, our local newspaper, with the caption “Thanks Mom for giving me life.”  Our individual names then appear, along with all the other participating pro-life supporters.


Some of our members have volunteered their time “swinging a hammer,” so-to-speak for this worthwhile cause.  Habitat for Humanity is able to provide qualifying people in the area with affordable housing, who otherwise wouldn’t qualify for housing under more conventional means.  Habitat for Humanity has been serving our community for many years.



Mighty Fortress is the former charter congregation for Seward’s Cub Scout Pack 256.  However, due to the declining moral climate that is prevalent in the scouting organization, we cannot in good conscience support scouting activities any longer.  Withdrawing support is not an easy decision; however, when the scouting organization promotes a moral standard that is in direct conflict with our church and Biblical Christianity, we must part ways.  As an alternative, we now support Trail Life USA, a Christian alternative to scouting.  There is a group meeting locally; please contact our church office so we can provide you with more information.  


Pastor Dan Schroeder (left) stands next to former Senior Chaplain Larry Brandt in front of the Chaplain’s van.

Pastor Dan Schroeder has been a commissioned chaplain for the Metro Lincoln Police and the Lincoln Fire/Rescue departments since 1999. He is one of 23 ordained or licensed clergy chaplains who volunteer for these departments, having scheduled duty days each month. He handles a variety of different responsibilities, including: death calls and notifications, working fires, domestic problems, transports, food distribution, home Husker football games, and other responsibilities as need requires.  To learn more about the Chaplaincy Corps, click here.